My airbnb Boltholes

July 28, 2014 How to Travel, Where to Stay

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Susan outside her Sydney bolthole

Susan outside her Sydney bolthole

Trundler Susan Henshall loved having her own space to relax in Sydney

In February my younger daughter who lives near Sydney, Australia had her second baby and I went over to see my beautiful new grandchild and to help out.

I decided that after being with my daughter and her family all day from early morning to the children’s bedtime it would be good for us all to have some time apart, which would give us space and privacy. So I decided to look for somewhere affordable and convenient near her home, where I could be close at hand, but also separate.

I had heard of air bnb through some friends in London who let rooms in their house and had good experiences with their guests. I looked up rooms in Randwick, near my daughter and there were plenty to choose from.

The booking process was straightforward and everything was completed before I left for Australia. I started off in one place, until I went away on holiday for a couple of week. Then I returned to a different place where I remained until I returned to England about a month later.

My first airbnb was a beautiful house in all respects, very near Centennial Park and I had a room on the ground floor with a bathroom opposite and French doors leading out to a patio.

I rarely saw anyone when I got in at night and had left before anyone was up . But I was delighted by the presence of a free ranging rabbit called Fred that hopped along to my room to say hello, stayed for a few minutes for a bit of a stroke of the ears and then went off to his quarters. He was spotlessly clean and house trained, and had his own haybox along the corridor.

Each morning when he heard I was up he popped in again for a few minutes. The only house rule was to make sure Fred was safely at home before letting myself out of the second door. Fred’s company only added to the pleasure of staying there.

When I returned after my trip to Queensland, I stayed at a totally different Air bnb house. This one was more of a family home but I had a lovely spacious room with a study next door, if I wanted to use it, and practically my own bathroom which was only shared with the family washing machine. The family slept upstairs and had their own facilities up there.

Both places were perfect for me giving me peace and space.  As I was selling a property and buying another I could deal with solictors at a time that was within essential office hours in the UK but very unsociable hours in Australia.

I will most certainly use airbnb again the next time I visit my family, or just when I next go on holiday. It’s great to have your own place to stay and do your own thing.

For more information see and look out for The Trundler’s Guide to Different Places to Stay, coming soon.