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Midlife travel blogger for The Trundlers: Accessible Adventures for Over 40s

My name is Jane Lovatt and I am an experienced travel blogger, journalist and passionate worldwide traveller, specialising in travel adventures for the over 40s.


Meet Jane

My name is Jane Lovatt and I am an experienced travel blogger, journalist and passionate worldwide traveller, specialising in travel adventures for the over 40s.

My name is Jane Lovatt, I am 54 and my commitment to holidays started when I was five and I cried when our week in  Blackpool was over. I couldn’t believe we had to go home and leave the seaside, the piers, the Tower and the ice-cream parlours behind.

So as soon as I could, when I had money of my own and the power to make my own decisions, I decided to make travelling my world. That way, I would never have to go home until I was ready, if at all.

More than having a gap year, I’ve had a gap life, filling in those gaps between trips by working as a journalist, saving money to pay for the next adventure and writing about holidays wherever possible.

Six years ago, I left my beloved home in Bloomsbury, where I had been based for 20 years, and off I went.  I decided I didn’t want to live anywhere full time any more, so I became a midlife nomad, flitting about from place to place, dragging my bag on wheels and looking for a new destination.

Now I have base camps in El Cabanyal, Valencia and Maentwrog in Snowdonia, where I go to have a rest and re-pack.  I love both these places, but I’ve always got a foot out of the door and my next journey booked.

I see myself as a Trundler. Not quite tough enough to carry a rucksack, not quite smart enough for a suitcase. It’s all in the Trundlebag, a symbol of the trips on this website, which offer a mix of liberation and comfort. I’ve tried them all out and I hope they provide inspiration and information for Trundlers everywhere.

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Join the Trundlers

Have you hung up your beloved rucksack but don’t feel  ready for the constrictions of a suitcase? Then you too could be a Trundler.

If you’re looking for freedom with a framework, safe adventures and stylish authenticity you could be a Trundler.

Trundlers fit in everywhere, have nothing to prove and don’t feel obliged to be cool.

Trundlers feel at home, no matter where they stay – a backpacker hostel or a small city hotel, a traditional pension, a comfortable rental apartment or a swish resort.

Trundlers journey by bus or train, car or plane, float in a boat  or hitch a ride. Or they walk.

Trundlers love street food, market cafes and local bars, but can feel fine in swanky hotels and fancy restaurants too.

Trundlers travel light with an open heart and mind, always flexible and ready to broaden their horizons.

So join the Trundlers and leave your heavy baggage behind. The more space in your head, as well as your luggage, the more you can bring back from your trails of wonder.

The Trundlebag

This rucksack on wheels is squashy enough to squeeze into a small space, but resilient enough to be tied to the roof of a bus. When the pavements gets really bumpy or the roads get rough, you can just about carry it. Mostly, though it’s effortless to trundle it along behind you, making sure you don’t trip up your fellow travellers.

Jansport is the Trundler’s favourite. Light, strong, reliable. (jansport.com)

“How I Became A Mid-Life Nomad” – Red Magazine – August 2014

I’ve recently been featured in an article in Red magazine. Click on the image below to read the full article.


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