A Tale of Three Christmas Cities: Valencia

  Christmas in the sun has its own special sparkle with blue skies and a gentle warmth adding to the magic of this festival of light and goodwill. Instead of fir trees there are neon and multi-coloured lights shining brilliantly. Fewer Father Christmas figures climb in and out of peoples’  houses but there are far more nativity scenes. The festival has a more … Read More

The Trundler Mixes Arches With Art and Oysters on Manhattan

A Day of Charm and Culture in NYC The Trundler’s constant companion sometimes takes her by surprise. Patiently he listened to her moan about her aching feet as they traipsed the streets. Patiently he guided her on a trail of art, arches and achievement culminating in a plate of one of her favourite foods, eaten in a majestic setting. First … Read More

The Trundler Finds Valencia in New York

The Trundler often likes to visit the Museo de Bellas Artes, overlooking the Turia gardens in the city of Valencia to see the beautiful, atmospheric paintings by Joaquin Sorolla, the region’s most famous artist. She loves them because they are so fresh and light, so luminous and bright. His most well-known works show small boys playing happily on the beach … Read More

The Trundler Goes to Trujillo in Northern Peru

The Trundler Goes to Trujillo in Peru The beautiful colonial city of Trujillo is a highlight of the north coast and a natural stopover on the way to Ecuador. Save time by taking the overnight bus, which sounds potentially challenging but if you choose the right company this can be an easy and even enjoyable journey. The buses are like … Read More

The Trundler’s Guide to London

The Trundler loves London, her home of 30 years, with a passion. However, this grand affection is also tinged with the sentimentality of former resident turned visitor. Of someone who no longer has to deal with the daily doings of living in this magnificent city, but can explore at a leisurely pace, enjoying the new while remembering the old. There … Read More