A Dress for all Seasons

The Perfect Dress for a Trundler As a Trundler I am always looking for ways to travel light. The less I carry the happier I am. Imagine my joy when the dress I bought for myself as a 60th birthday present folded up so small that it fitted into a tiny bag – one about the size of a make-up … Read More

All Change – Home Swaps Make a Great Holiday

Exchange your Home and off you Roam If you’re short of cash or like the idea of living like a local, exchanging homes is a great option. You don’t have to pay for accommodation and you walk straight into someone else’s world. I didn’t want to rent out my flat in Valencia. It’s a delicate period piece, with original wooden … Read More

The Trundler’s Different Ways to Stay

  The Trundler loves beautiful hotels, but they can be expensive and if you’re travelling on the budget of a mid-life nomad, you won’t be able to afford the lap of luxury every night of your trip. Luckily there’s a whole world of other options currently  available, especially as people around the globe have become so much more resourceful and … Read More

My airbnb Boltholes

Trundler Susan Henshall loved having her own space to relax in Sydney In February my younger daughter who lives near Sydney, Australia had her second baby and I went over to see my beautiful new grandchild and to help out. I decided that after being with my daughter and her family all day from early morning to the children’s bedtime … Read More