California without a car

When The Trundler decided to take a trip up the Californian coast, she knew it would be a long journey. It’s also one which most people make in their own vehicle, rather than by train and bus.  When the Trundler revealed her travel arrangements to her fellow guests at the heavenly Lost Whale Inn in Humboldt County, it was as … Read More

Where do I start with travelling alone?

Dear Trundler I am keen to be more adventurous on holiday, but my partner is happy to stick to the same old places. He loves Portugal, Scotland and anywhere he can play golf. I would like to broaden my horizons, learn some new skills, make some new friends. But I don’t know where to start and I am a little … Read More

The Trundler goes to South East Asia

  South-east Asia is a dream for Trundlers. Not only is it exotic, fascinating and extremely beautiful but you don’t need to compromise on comfort in order to travel inexpensively. How Long? Six weeks is a comfortable amount of time to follow this route, but if you only have three, you can still enjoy a wonderful trip, at a faster pace, … Read More