The Trundler Hits the Inca Trail in Peru

  The Trundler wasn’t sure about visiting Machu Picchu, which sounds ridiculous considering it’s one of the must-see sights of South America. Still, she had her doubts. Would it be overrun with tourists? Would it be too cloudy to see it properly? Would it be worth the effort, the money, the time? Like many other visitors, she decided to take a day … Read More

The Trundler’s Guide to Cuba

Often  people ask The Trundler  for her number one holiday recommendation.  This is what she says. Go to Cuba and go there now, before any more of its elusive magic has time to evaporate. Don’t book a package holiday, don’t check into a beach resort. Go it alone.  Cuba is the perfect place for  a Trundle. It’s safe, simple to navigate and geared … Read More

The Trundler Goes to Cuenca, Ecuador and gets her foot fixed

Cuenca is Ecuador’s second city, full of bohemian charm, class, intellectuals and gorgeous buildings. On the dusty streets striking women in magnificent traditional dress wheel barrows full of mangos, cherries and blackberries. So glorious are their outfits, so confident are their colour combinations, they must be the most stylish women on the planet. That mix of plaid or embroidered skirts, … Read More

The Trundler’s Adventure in Boyaca, Colombia

The Trundler Takes a Lake Break in Boyaca Distances are huge in Colombia and bus journeys long. By the time The Trundler reached Bogota, having crossed Peru and Ecuador mostly by public bus, she was in search of a shorter trip. Until a few years ago the region of Boyaca, four hours north of the capital. Together with Santander and … Read More

Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, New York -The Trundler’s Directory

F The Trundler’s Two Month Trip – How to do it The Flight The Trundler bought a ticket with Delta Air Lines ( She flew into Atlanta Georgia, stayed one night and then flew onto Lima. On the return journey she flew from Bogota to New York City, stayed three nights then returnedk to London The price of the flight … Read More

The Trundler Is Overwhelmed by Colombia’s Caribbean Coast

Palomino’s Promises The Trundler wanted a few days on the beach to end her trip to Colombia. A few days of warm sunshine, peace, hammock time and above all swimming in the Caribbean sea, one of the greatest pleasures that she has ever encountered. Palomino sits between the San Salvador and the Palomino Rivers that flow from the Sierra Nevada … Read More

Hammocks and green smoothies in Santa Marta

The Delights and Dangers of Santa Marta The Trundler loved Santa Marta. It was so much more fun than Cartagena and she always prefers places that are a bit rough around the edges, more vigorous and intense. She stayed at one of the best hotels that she found on the trip. It was called La Calzada del Santo and it … Read More

The Trundler Takes a Trip down the Amazon

The Trundler Travels Down the Napo River to the Ecuadorian Rainforest Ever since she saw the magical film of Fitzcarraldo, about a man whose dream is to build an opera house in the Amazon basin, The Trundler has hankered after a trip down this legendary South American river. The Napo River is a key tributary of the Amazon and boarding … Read More

Cartagena, Colombia’s Best Seller

Mention Colombia and Cartagena comes up. This steamy second city is dripping with beauty, colour and charisma. Street after street of brightly painted buildings present themselves for touristic trawling. Bougainvillea covers the walls like bindweed and on every corner, there’s a bar or a café or a restaurant luring you in with a promise of cocktails, ceviche or café latte. … Read More