Climbing the Hills of Valparaiso

    Valparaiso is extraordinary – steep, spectacular and full of street art and beautiful, colourful houses. Gorgeous paintings emblazon street walls, buildings and pavements and everywhere you look there’s something to admire. The streets climb from level to level and you need to be fairly fit to get from one to the next. Or you can use one of the incredible funicular lifts, dotted around the … Read More

The Road to Northern Chile

The road to Northern Chile starts in La Paz, Bolivia’s business capital and an extraordinary city. Intense, chaotic, dirty, with crazy traffic cramming the streets, La Paz is not a place to linger. Highlights of La Paz La Paz’s redeeming features are found in the amazing food market where a delicious plate of spicy, crispy fried pork costs £1. Or in the … Read More

Pelicans and Pirates in Los Vilos

Chile has kilometres of beautiful coast, but if you’re travelling by bus, much of it can be hard to reach. That’s how we ended up in Los Vilos and even that was a bit tricky, involving two buses and a taxi ride. After an initial four hour bus ride, we changed at the market town of Ovalle,  a pleasant spot and potential stopover. … Read More

The Trundler Goes to Montevideo

  This magic of this bewitching city took The Trundler by surprise. She loved its gentle charms from the minute she arrived and enjoyed every moment of her six day stay. In the heat of summer,  Montevideo felt cool and shady and it was a pleasure to wander the quiet streets admiring the lovely art deco and art nouveau buildings.There’s nothing daunting here, just … Read More

The Spendours of Salta, Argentina

Salta is the colonial hot spot of the north of Argentina and deservedly popular as a base for tourists exploring the enthralling scenery of the region.  It’s an easy city to navigate, with lively shopping streets, inviting bars and cafes and  lovely, leafy squares. The Trundler travelled by bus to Salta from Cordoba. You can make this journey all in one 14 hour ride and the buses, … Read More

Trundler of the Month Jennifer Hudson Inspires and Amazes

Feel empowered by Jennifer’s life-changing story What makes a mid-50 year old, professional woman become a Trundler? A little over three years ago I was sitting at my desk and staring at the blank screen of my computer. For over 20 years I had diligently caught the tube from Finsbury Park, to travel 40 minutes to the Angel through the … Read More

The Trundler goes to Buenos Aires

Flamboyant, vivacious Buenos Aires has an airy European feel laced with Latin intensity. Grand old buildings as well as soaring sky scrapers line its busy streets and decorative pavement cafes mix bohemia with sophistication as Portenos (BA citizens) sit in the sunshine drinking coffee, eating media lunas(croissants) and reading La Nacion in a way which seems at once leisurely and intense. The Trundler stayed on the Avenida … Read More

The Trundler Wins an Award

The Trundler was truly thrilled to bits on November 2nd when she won the best blog feature award at The Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s (CTO) Travel Journalism Awards Ceremony for 2015. It was a grand and glorious evening and The Trundler was honoured to win the statuette, awarded to her for her feature on Cuba. The Caribbean has a very special … Read More