Trundling at 62

This year, 2021, I had planned to make a world trip. In my mind I had it mapped out. Dubai to see an old friend, Australia and Canada to visit my remaining family. New Zealand where I had great places to stay lined up, the French Polynesian Islands because they sounded so dreamy and exotic.

England’s El Cabanyal on the South Coast

Back in February I decided to get ahead of the crowd and book a holiday on the English coast. I sat in my sunny office in Valencia and scrolled through listings of holiday rentals trying not to be put off by the price of renting a dreary apartment two streets back from the sea. Because of the bewildering maze of … Read More

Bocadilla on a Bench

Some years ago I took a train from Nice to Barcelona. As we crossed into Spain the whole mood in the carriage changed. Instead of petite French women nibbling on fruit, there were curvy, lively Spanish girls, talking and laughing. And out of their bags, wrapped up in shiny foil, they pulled bocadillas, big sandwiches, overflowing with ham, cheese, tomatoes … Read More

London Unlocking in Snow, Hail and Sun

On 12th April cafes, bars and restaurants in England opened for outdoor service. The first thing I saw from my window on this long awaited day was a flurry of snow. Shivering on a chilly terrace wasn’t tempting but in the spirit of unlocking London I set off for the Regents Canal, a few minutes from Angel station. Canal Number … Read More

El Cabanyal to Angel – Trundling and Grumbling

Many of the best moments of my life have been spent travelling, discovering new places. I have felt joy, excitement, contentment and satisfaction as I hopped and skipped around the globe. Returning to Britain after spending a sunny winter in Valencia brought none of these – it felt more of an ordeal than an adventure with Covid rules and quarantine … Read More

Desayuno, El Muerzo, Menu del Dia – eating out in Valencia

With all restaurants, bars and cafes out of action, it feels strange to walk the streets of this usually vibrant city, where you’re never more than 30 seconds from a snack or a one euro coffee, to see shutters down and closed doors. Takeaways are still on offer, but for someone who spends such a lot of time eating out, … Read More

Meetings and Greetings in Covid Valencia

Spanish people greet each other with a kiss on both cheeks. They repeat this when they say goodbye. They do it automatically, without question in nearly every situation, both informal or formal. Not to do so is considered rude, a little cold. I have struggled with this at times over the last seven years, since I first came to live … Read More

My Happy Life as a Midlife Nomad

Twelve years ago in May 2008 I sold my beloved home in London and began a new and wonderful life. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the old one, but at 48, with my only child at University, I felt it was time to make a big, bold change. However, the next day once we were in the car, heading … Read More

Eating Out for England

After weeks of repetitive lockdown cooking and washing up in Wales I was excited to return to London, where the restaurant world was doing its best to operate normally. The weather was mild and sunny and most places had outdoor tables, strategically placed so customers could easily distance. Some were extending Eat Out to Help Out into September, offering enticing … Read More