Art in Valencia and the Joys of Spring

May 5, 2019 City Breaks, European Travel

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Valencia is full of visual delights this month. Head to IVAM, where this excellent modern art gallery is celebrating its 30th anniversary, with a dazzling major exhibition, showing the work of modernist painter FERNAND LEGER.

Fernand Leger and Modern Life brings together 100 of his works, including paintings, drawings, textiles films and photographs. It’s a brilliant, wonderfully curated show and a fitting celebration of IVAM’s success as a leading light of Valencia’s cultural scene.

The exhibition runs from 3rd May to 15th September 2019. It’s free to get in on Sundays, Saturdays from 3pm – 7pm, Fridays from 7pm – 9pm and 6 euros at other times.


For artistic glory of a floral nature, Las Cruces de Mayo is the most delightful of Valencia’s many festivals. Crosses, beautifully decorated with fresh flowers, are displayed throughout the city in squares, open spaces and even doorways.
They’re a magical tribute to the joys of Spring.