Taulellets – a History of Tile Art in El Cabanyal

December 12, 2017 European Travel, Features, Travel Blogger Jane Lovatt's Holiday Memoir

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Miles of Tiles to Make You Smile

Anyone who has wandered around the Poblats Maritims area of Valencia will have noticed that many of the houses are covered with the most beautiful tiles, which enrich the charm and character of this entrancing neighborhood. Of the 700 protected houses, 300 have tiled facades whose spectacular designs range from traditional, delicate and pretty to wild, abstract and surreal.

When I first came to live in Valencia in April 2013 I spent hours exploring my new home, enraptured by all this dazzling ceramic splendour. I am no stranger to the creativity behind pottery design – I was born in Staffordshire and grew up eating off exquisite fine china every day. But I had never been aware of tile art and how a simple ceramic square can be so interesting and appealing.

The tiles of this special part of Valencia are true works of art. When my partner Chris Clunn suggested making a book of them to showcase their variety and their magic I was drawn to the idea instantly. It seemed like the perfect souvenir for anyone who had visited the area and the perfect tribute to the neighborhood for those who are lucky enough to live here.

Three years later we have published this book, using Chris’s amazing photographs and a fascinating text by local historian and writer, Daniel Reverter. I am so excited to see our dream realized, in the form of Taulellets, Tile Art in El Cabanyal. It’s a token of my love for my adopted home and gratitude to all the people who worked so hard to make it look this way and to save it from destruction. Viva El Cabanyal – I’m glad you survived and long may you thrive.

Taulellets costs 15 euros. To buy a copy, leave your details in the comments box here