Ross and Eveline Trundle Around Europe – Part Two

Bags packed, we headed for Europe to escape the dreary weather and even more dreary Johnson and his cabinet of poodles. After a short stops in the Netherlands to visit friends and family we took the train to Namur, in the Ardennes. The Ardennes are beautiful, but the city less so, except for the citadel, described by Napoleon as an … Read More

A Trundler’s Tale from New Zealand

Brian and Elizabeth from New Zealand make significant trips in Europe by bike, to connect with their past and keep the environmental impact low Over the past 40 years we have been very fortunate in being able to travel widely, both for pleasure and on business to Europe, Asia and the Pacific Islands (twice yearly sales trips to the Fiji … Read More

Ross and Eveline’s Trundle Around Valencia

Ross and Eveline took a break from running their beautiful B and B in Maentwrog, North West Wales and headed to Spain, to flee the rain. We’ve little experience of trundling, so we snapped up our friend Jane’s invitation to visit Valencia, which is a safe and welcoming city. Valencianos prefer Valenciano, similar to Catalan, to Spanish. With two languages … Read More

Open Up Your Eyes and Look Within

These two paintings are from the exhibition of beautiful Jamaican art, Open up Your Eyes and Look Within. The show opens in London on 22 October for four days. Details at the end of this post. 1. Blue Bamboo by artist Christopher Harris, also pictured in the featured image(above) with his painting Mothers 2. Coke Methodist Church 1970 by Sidney … Read More

Trundler of the Month Jennifer Hudson Inspires and Amazes

Feel empowered by Jennifer’s life-changing story What makes a mid-50 year old, professional woman become a Trundler? A little over three years ago I was sitting at my desk and staring at the blank screen of my computer. For over 20 years I had diligently caught the tube from Finsbury Park, to travel 40 minutes to the Angel through the … Read More

Trundler Carole Pugh relocates to Greece for a month

When your children have left home, there’s no reason why you have to stay there either. Especially when you can run a highly successful business from a place in the sun WOULD YOU PELOPPONESE IT? Like most sizeable decisions in my life, the one to work for a month in a beachfront apartment on the beautiful Meme beach on the … Read More

Trundler Ian Weightman returns to the beautiful Swiss city of Basel

Back in Basel as a Trundler, Ian abandoned the boots and Little Bo Peep of his backpacker days in favour of a passion for paintings Trundling up the Flüssigkeit Güllegrube, without a paddle Thirty-seven and one-sixth years ago, a 20-years-old student boarded a train at Basle railway station in Switzerland for a lengthy journey back to north-east England. He’d spent … Read More

One Man and His Dog in France

Dear Trundler, I have not been to France for many years, but I used to be a regular visitor to Normandy and Brittany. I would like to spend more time in France on a motoring tour seeing as much of the country as possible. I have a dog which I would like to take with me on the trip. Any … Read More

Trundler Senor Bob tells a tale of Sri Lanka

Trundler Senor Bob feels the heat in Colombo but stays on track Part One: Arrival The heat that engulfs me as I alight at Colombo airport, never really leaves me during my three week visit, except when I am in an air conditioned building or immersed in water. It is a temperature you have to get used to. The confusion … Read More