Taulellets – a History of Tile Art in El Cabanyal

Anyone who has wandered around the Poblats Maritims area of Valencia will have noticed that many of the houses are covered with the most beautiful tiles, which enrich the charm and character of this entrancing neighborhood. Of the 700 protected houses, 300 have tiled facades whose spectacular designs range from traditional, delicate and pretty to wild, abstract and surreal. When … Read More

Lemonade Floats, Penny Arcades and Pier Shows in Blackpool

My first clear holiday memories are of Blackpool and until I was eight, I went there every year with my mum and dad and my grandma and grandpa and sometimes my Aunty Margaret too. ¬†We stayed for a week, had a wonderful time and I always cried when we left. We only lived 70 miles away in the heart of … Read More

Isle of Wight – scene of my first big adventure

It was the end of June 1977. I stood on the deck of the ferry to the Isle of Wight headed across the Solent for the coastal town of Ryde. By my side was a very large case, filled with many different outfits, many pairs of shoes. How different from today, when my Trundler’s mantra is ‘always travel light.’ I … Read More