How Kind Was My Valley

How Kind Was My Valley My first trip to Wales was aged two, when I fell over on Llandudno Pier and ended up in hospital having hundreds of splinters removed from my small hands. I was undeterred by this traumatic experience and went on to spend many happy holidays in Llandudno with my grandparents, making sandcastles and eating mini pork … Read More

The Trundler goes Christmas Shopping in Stoke-on-Trent

The Trundler loves the glitz and glimmer of November and December, when the, short, dark days are illuminated by twinkling fairylights and  blazing neon.   She loves the festivities, the good will and the  indulgence – all vital during what for The Trundler is a winter pagan festival Years ago she realised that Christmas shopping was sheer misery.  She remembers standing … Read More

The Trundler’s Guide to North Wales

Mini-Trundler The Trundler’s earliest memory of North Wales is of falling over on Llandudno Pier, aged two.  Many splinters from the wooden planks became lodged in her small hands and she was taken to hospital where they were removed by a special machine. This traumatic experience didn’t put her off in the slightest and over the years The Trundler has … Read More

Trundler Alison Winckle’s Manx Pranx

Jump for joy at Fenella’s Beach Café Connossieur and Manx native Alison Winckle shares her top tips for tea, treats and transport on the quirky and delightful Isle of Man. Queenies and kippers are the perfect fuel as you travel on steam trains, horse trams and an electric railway. The Appeal of Peel Start off with excellent kipper baps in … Read More

Isle of Wight – scene of my first big adventure

It was the end of June 1977. I stood on the deck of the ferry to the Isle of Wight headed across the Solent for the coastal town of Ryde. By my side was a very large case, filled with many different outfits, many pairs of shoes. How different from today, when my Trundler’s mantra is ‘always travel light.’ I … Read More